beanie mix

Knitting, Of Course

Just a matter of time before I’d try the whole knitting thing, argh! I say “argh” because when I start a thing, I usually go hard, and that’s what I’m doing here. But hear me out!

I buy yarn (or anything) usually because I think it looks great and because it’ll give me joy to work with those colours. Turns out my taste happens to be nice yarn, too, which I only noticed when the room started smelling delicious, and my knitting felt super plush.

A deeeeep breath into the knitted fabric showed me this is definitely wool from an animal, and I mean that in the most pleasant of ways, not like, ew, stinky. Nope – the opposite! I bought mohair and cashmere yarn there. Look, not awful.

Anyway, I’ve tried a variety of projects by now, and I’m still noobish, but I’m really enjoying making beanies most. They take me around an hour (that’s around how much attention I can give any project at max) and it’s super relaxing to make them. It forces me to do nothing else but maybe watch TV or listen to some music. Bloody perfect to turn off for a moment. I need to turn off, I’m quite buzz buzz all the time. 

Got a few photos!

Would you like one?

I made quite a few by now, and the wool is SO SOFT, and they’re bright, super light, warm and just awesome. I seem to pump them out, so I need to find homes for a few! I just want to cover my costs here, so I keep them super low cost – they’re worth twice what I’m selling them for but who’s got that sorta cash? Not I!

Or just pop by for a cuppa and pick one out. The colours are totally marvellous. Better than in the photos, plus, I don’t have photos of them all, there are more. I’m way too productive.