‘Earplugs” is not the right word here – strictly speaking, they’re attenuators, meaning instead of just muffling the sound, they just turn the volume down, and you’ll still be able to enjoy the music.

earplus exploded view

As you can see I also found a bunch of graphics the manufacturer showed me that explain roughly how it works. Basically, these aren’t “knock-offs”, but exactly made by the same people who make bigger, more expensive brands and sell them for more, but because I don’t get custom packaging or a logo printed on them, they’re more affordable.

If you’re wondering for a comparison of identical models, check out these here (just under NZ$60), these (around $55), these (for $40) and these (over $90, sheesh!) – all the same earplug when it comes down to it, in different colours and packaging variations.

A few pictures for you below:

These attenuators were designed to protect human audition, especially working in high-noise environments. The key component- filter is designed to ensure regular communication while noise is reduced. 

  • Medical-grade hypoallergenic plush soft silicone
  • Eco-friendly because it’s reusable many times
  • Anti-earwax design
  • Dust-proof
  • Moulds to the shape of any ear canal
  • Certified CE EN352-2
  • 20db filter which should take the edge of most loud concerts without losing the quality of the sound
  • Durable aluminium key chain container
  • Optional silicon cord – I prefer using it, so I don’t lose my earplugs in the dark.

This sort of earplug is constantly rated as one of the “top 10 earplugs for musicians” – you can google that and compare the pictures and specs, if you wish.

I’m pretty excited for these bad boys to arrive, which should be hopefully in mid-April. You’re very welcome to pre-order! Please note that pre-order only works for people within New Zealand, who don’t have an RD address – email me if you live rurally and would still like some, and I’ll sort you out otherwise!

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  • Andrew Flinn

    Hi there, my bass teacher recommended these to me. Are they available at the moment? Regards, Andy


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