Tāmaki Makaurau Open Music Hub

A weekly grassroots meet-up to do the work beyond the music, the backend stuff, supported and motivated by peers.

Less talking, more doing. ❤️ Less theory, more practice.

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Have you ever watched music industry panels and thought to yourself, woah, great tip, I’ll do that when I get home! And then you never did it?

In a super-cosy community environment, we’ll tackle all things big and small, as a group. We’ll ask for industry help if we need to, do working bees to take new press shots of everyone, and naturally, there’ll be networking and maybe you’ll find someone you click with for your next gig or collab, who knows!

Questions we’re likely to deal with:

How do I get myself into the charts when I sell hard copies at my gigs?

How often should I post on social media, and what?

Those funding applications are doing my head in, can anyone read over mine to make sure it’s good to go?

Listing events, so boring! But if we’re all doing them, at least we’re not alone.

Help, my bio needs updating!

How do I approach promoters for festivals or international support slots?

Gigging doesn’t make a ton of money – how can I monetise my music beyond the pittance that is streaming?

Who am I, what words do I want associated with myself, what feel should me “brand” as an artist convey?

It’s a place to look after your emails, do some research, your expenses, live returns, find a distributor you can trust and anything and everything in between!

Not sure where to even start? No worries, we’ll help!

Important stuff.

Let’s talk kaupapa!

This is all about creating an inclusive and safe space for musicians and people working in the music industry to literally work alongside each other.

Child-friendly, accessible.

Especially welcoming women, LGTBQIA+, migrants, all-ages folks, neurospicy crowds – and everyone else – in what is meant to be a safe space for all.

Please leave politics, religion and other contentious subjects behind at the door.

If “woke” is a negative word to you, this may not be the place for you. This is 100% a woke place.

What do you want to achieve with your music?
Let’s work on it!

Regular updates

Stay in the loop with everything you need to know.

There’s also a private Facebook group for participants that will be linked in emails coming from this mailinglist.