work articles

Work Articles

Writing articles, and just general l writing of all sorts of things is my day job – well okay, it’s a mix of writing, admin, content management, social media, ad sales, and a whole lot more, but I got myself into the job for the sake of the writing, and on occasion, when I’m not buried in admin stuff, I will!

Not everything I always want to get credit for, it’s just words, eh. But in recent times, I’ve done a few artist profiles, and a few useful articles, intending to do more of the latter, seeing that they may actually help people get better at their job: Musician!

Here are two recent ones I did:

Reaching Out To Media – 40 DOs and DON’T


How To Play Facebook’s Algorithm For Your Benefit

I hope they can be useful to one or the other stumbling across this website as well. Would love to hear your thoughts on those, especially if you’ve got tips on how to improve the articles.