Homebaked Fresh Sour Dough Bread


Fresh, possibly still hot bread, depending on your timing. Pick up only!

There’s no one recipe, I freestyle it every week. It’s always 100% vegan. Not one bad loaf to date!

Available on back-order

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Available to pick up in Eden Terrace from now until noon the following day – after that it’ll go to one of my neighbours. Pick up time to be discussed!

  • secret blend bread spice, OOoooooOOOOOO ❤️
  • organic wholemeal rye sourdough starter

Pick up only! 1 x min 500g loaf.

This isn’t a sale, it’s a reimbursement for the very nice ingredients and power used to make it. Realistically, it’s a $25 loaf. I know, right!? But seriously, this isn’t a supermarket loaf, this is a very nice loaf made from very nice things.

Healthy for you, ew!

Delicious! Full of flavour! Sour! Dough! Amazing!

Relatively low carb, high protein and fibre, too!

If no no one wants it, cool, lucky neighbours! <3

Brought to you by Doughlene, who is about 1 year old and a juicy Tāmaki Makaurau native sour dough based on organic wholemeal rye.