Delaney Davidson @ The Wine Cellar
delaney davidson

Delaney Davidson’s shows here in AKL are sold out – you snooze, you lose! Still always happy to give the artists I work for a plug, because who knows, maybe someone will actually listen to them as a result of it and be there next time round. Delaney Davidson’s show is like nothing you’ve ever […]

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Skinny Hobos @ Whammy
skinny hobos

It’s a good week, wroking for some of my favourites, including the good Skinny Hobos, who I’ve been a fan of from the first chords I heard, with the bonus of them being top people as well! Supported by Fallstate, they’ll be playing at Whammy Bar in Auckland on Thursday, July 9.  Lucifer EP by […]

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Mt Eden War Memorial Hall Market
mt eden july 2020

I’m currently working so hard to catch up with lack of income during the lockdown, that I’m booking myself in for tons of things! Happy news is that I do have a few markets coming up, including this one on Saturday, July 11 from 10am at Mt Eden War Memorial Hall. 

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Miss June @ The Tuning Fork
miss june

On Saturday I’ll be selling merch for Miss June at The Tuning Fork downtown on June 20. I don’t have the details yet, but I hear everything will be sold at a special price with all proceeds going to charity. Miss June w/ Chewy Gum and László Reynolds, The Tuning Fork, June 20, 7.30pm – […]

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Kerryn Fields @ The Wine Cellar
kerryn fields

I’m so happy to tell you all that after months of nothing, tomorrow, June 19, will mark the first of hopefully many gigs after the lockdown, starting with the fabulous alt-country singer-songwriter Kerryn Fields at The Wine Cellar. I sort of weasled my way in there, wanting to hear the music myself, and offering myself […]

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Covid-19 isolation: Day 8

We’ve got Opi back! When she arrived, she called out, “I’ll just take my sandals off, then I’ll be right there for a cuddle!” – and she was! Biggest disappointment of the day was buying Age Of Wonders Planetfall on Steam sale, and it being THE worst! I love Age Of Wonders 3, as evident […]

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Covid-19 Isolation: Day 7
day 7

Tuesday, the day to catch up after sleeping way too much! I’m proud of working super efficiently when all distractions in the world are just a few clicks away. It turns out working from home for this long is hard, and I miss the office. And cycling. I’ve been listening to 80s pop from the […]

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Covid-19 Isolation: Day 6
day 6

There isn’t an awful lot to say about today except that I started working in the moring, did a few hours, then I had a “nap”, then another, and then I kind of woke up at 8am the next day. I think I napped for 16h or so straight… “Must’ve needed it”, as Wade would […]

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Covid-19 Isolation, Day 5
day 5

When I hear raging parties in the neighbourhood at 3am in the morning, and afternoon garden discos with more adults than could possibly live in one house in my suburb, I do get frustrated. The imitated wolf howling by some of those neighbours walking home in the early morning hours, I find extremely discouraging and […]

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Covid-19 Isolation: Day 4
day 4

There is a granny flat on the land of the house we rent, which is inhabited by an older dude who is very much on his lonesome here in Auckland, so we make sure we talk to him from time to time to make sure he’s okay, as you do. He’s friendly enough, introverted, and […]

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