st kevins arcade christmas market

On December 19, we’ll have a very special St Kevins Arcade Market on K’Rd to give you one more chance to get some unique gifts you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. From 6pm, smack bang in the entrance to the Arcade!

While reading on, listen to this – it’s Sojourn who’ll be playing at Whammy Bar that night – in case you need a gig to see after the market?

So markets: Me, for one, I’ll have tons of new stickers. What flavours you’re wondering, well, some Simpsons, Sponge Bob (finally!), Billie Eilish, more of your favourite animals and some pixel art, SNES styles!

On the jewellery front there’ll be a lot of cute new earrings I haven’t even taken photos of, like ducks and kittens, more goth rainbow ones, some tulips (if you’re dutch, or just love them) and I had sold out of parrots so I made the last few of that sort ever.

See, the thing is, I get bored with things, and I sell you my earrings not because I want to get rich quick (lol!) but because I actually love making them, so when I started, I promised myself never to buy the saem “ingredients” twice, and once things sell out, they’re gone to never return, which will a) keep me on my feet and interested, and any earring you buy is likely one of a kind, with only maybe 4 more that are sort of similar but never the same. 

Anyway, I digress, so there’ll also be some clip on earrings I’ve been working on forever and to which I’ve finally attached the clip ons, for the ones of you who aren’t pierced, or have a mate or kid who isn’t! So come see us on Thursday, from 6pm!


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