resin skull studs

Oh man, when setting up the website I didn’t plan for the jewellery to take off the way it did, so now I’m in the process to combine both events and jewellery into this website! Hang in there for a photo gallery and a shop, plus more frequent updates on new ideas, markets and events I’m part of! has website, will use it! Until then, have you checked out the Facebook and Instagram for Poco Moto yet?

Request: Please follow me on there because why not!? I’d really appreciate it! xSilke

2 thoughts to “Oh… and Jewellery!

  • Marieka

    Hi Silke.. cool.. just opened and having a look 😁

    • silkehartung

      Thanks for having a look! It’s been a lot of work to get it to a point at which I was okay with it. The shop function will be great to have, but I won’t have time for it before the weekend.


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