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With lots of pre-christmas markets coming up, I’ve been quietly pottering away in my little studio upstairs. I’ve had a lot of new ideas, more than I can ever try out! Sometimes I get stuck and peculiarly anxious to create new stuff. Can’t quite explain why, but assume it’s the usual insecurity of people who make things? 

I’m a greenie, not just politically, but also when it comes to colour. I started to make jewellery myself because I always felt there was colour lacking in what’s available, and when I say colour, I mean “mostly green”.

Starting two weeks ago, I finally dug into something very green in colour – very very light bezel earrings in the shape of leaves, all one of a kind, with a unique green colour pattern.

The main picture above was taken while a batch was curing. I’m still experimenting with the type of resin best to use for this. UV, even slightly aged, definitely gives me good results as it seems to dome really nicely, while 2-component resin seems to be a little more fluid and less willing to dome, which makes for thinner, lighter earrings, but also easily causes them to overflow while hardening, which requires cleaning up, and let’s face it, I am lazy and prefer to keep things tidy from the get-go – if I can.

resin leaves first few

These here are the resulting earrings, the first crop I did with different resin types to see how it would work out. They’re be super wearable because even with UV resin, they’re incredible light, and I love the bronze look with the green. 

And as entire opposite to the leaves, I also did a few fluoro and holo glitter shapes for earrings. Kind of a 80s vibe, I reckon. Check out my super attractive kitchen towel earring holder where things sit before I pack them into the big box of things!

80s shapes

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