Stall holders Grey Lynn
A big thank you to the team of Crafternoon Tea Markets for a fantastic Grey Lynn Night Market yesterday! The whole family had a blast and I’ll share Opi’s photos in a gallery below. Yes. photos taken by a 7-year-old with an SLR. Start ’em early!
My favourite stalls were the needle felt one (so clever!), and the one that sold colourful dreads to add to your natural ones – such a great idea! Oh and the zebra completely made of glitter/sparkle – the effort that would go into a project like that!
I was pretty pleased with how well it went – I sold a few pairs of the little blossoms with colourful bells in them, a few flamingo earrings, iris ones, bees, daisies, and hibiscus brooches! It’s not even so much that I made a good bit of money (yay, though!), it’s people really getting what I’m going for and digging it. 
I’m learning a lot about my target group, which is much younger AND much older than I thought at the same time. Or maybe there is not an age-based one, maybe it’s all about artistic people who simply like colour, like me.
There was a little girl, six years old, and she fell in love with the transparent ring filled with holo-glitter. She came back to touch and wear (much too big!) it a few times, and before she had to leave to go home, she whispered “Goodbye, ring!” to it. I nearly just gave it to her! 

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