Deacon Blue Auckland

Both November 30 and December 1 will be all about Deacon Blue at Mercury Theatre.

That’s quite exciting because after all these years of working with music and cycling past it daily, I have never worked at Mercury Theatre, and after all these years of being a fan of music in general, and making it my whole life, I have to admit to the shortcoming that is: I sing along to a single song by Deacon Blue. Shamefully, I don’t even really know what genre it is! 

This is a total novelty – I don’t know if I will like it or not – usually I just know music, regardless of my own taste.

Maybe you can help me – what is a good album to start listening to Deacon Blue – the obvious go-to one? It’s quite exciting to get to discover something entirely new (to me) in preparation for two shows!


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