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Today at New Lynn Library someone really quite liked the material used for one of the brooches I’ve got for sale, and was wondering if I would be happy to create something new that’s custom-made for her in the same style. Sure!

custom made
brooches and rings

In fact, Don’t know if you’re aware of it, but already most items exist in usually 5 variations until they’re all sold, and if those aren’t what you’re after, I’m able to modify or create whatever you’re after, usually even right at the market!

I’ve got a large variety of semi-precious gemstones in my studio that I can use to create something that’s exactly what you want – let’s talk! And with resin, possibilities are endless!

I keep thinking this could be great if you’re a musician or band who is about to go on tour – we could create earrings or necklaces that fit the branding of the album or the band for you to sell at shows. Or if you’ve got three children and you’d like to give them matching jewellery made just for them – the possibilities are endless here.

Pricing will be reasonable, I can promise that, especially if you’ll onsell, or get identical items done.

Drop me a line! 

PS: Listen to this, can’t stop singing this in my head today

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