We’ve got Opi back! When she arrived, she called out, “I’ll just take my sandals off, then I’ll be right there for a cuddle!” – and she was!

Biggest disappointment of the day was buying Age Of Wonders Planetfall on Steam sale, and it being THE worst! I love Age Of Wonders 3, as evident by my hours playing it on Steam, but fark, didn’t like the new one at all. Refund. Sob.

This picture was my favourite thing on the internet today – can you recognise the movies, games and TV shows in it? Let me know if you’re stuck and I’ll help you out!

Jess posted a picture to colour in and I did this:

What else could I tell you… Oh! I’ve been watching Les Revenants, a french TV show in which the dead return to life. I’m loving it, and it’s free on TVNZ On Demand with subtitles!

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