day 7

Tuesday, the day to catch up after sleeping way too much!

I’m proud of working super efficiently when all distractions in the world are just a few clicks away. It turns out working from home for this long is hard, and I miss the office. And cycling.

I’ve been listening to 80s pop from the UK, dancing on my swiss ball. Might as well make things fun.

I’ve been cooking well, nice things, lots of veggies, and protein, as I’m supposed to, but exercise is not happening. It’s on the list?

The highlight of the day was calling my sister in Germany and seeing her happy and silly after having had a bit of a tough time. We did the Hartung kids thing and laughed like idiots.

She told me that there are people who people drink chlorine dioxide. Not so smart, that’s sort of something you could bleach with, or clean the pool with. They squirt it into kids butts against autism. Side effects: Sometimes kids die. They also drink it, against HIV and cancer, they say. Okay. Darwinism in action.

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