day 4

There is a granny flat on the land of the house we rent, which is inhabited by an older dude who is very much on his lonesome here in Auckland, so we make sure we talk to him from time to time to make sure he’s okay, as you do. He’s friendly enough, introverted, and we made sure we had our radar turned on for “dangerous to little children”, of course. 

He has lived here for over a decade from what I gathered, and all owners of the house kept him here. We’ve got an arrangement where he doesn’t have to pay for power, gas or water if he looks after the rubbish bins, which we’re particularly bad with remembering to put out. Works!

He has been getting increasingly strange, not in an outward way, but when he’s alone in his lil house, he mutters, swears and yells at himself.

So basically he’s an old, lonely, harmless weirdo with imaginary friends, let’s leave it at that for the next bit of the story where last night, 4am or so, we woke up by *someone* screaming angrily, from the top of their (male) lungs,


That was somewhere outside, hard to say where, but because I hear next door dude’s angry ramblings a lot, I assume it was him. Wade thought it came from the cycleway, but I do think it was closer.

Afterwards, I got up, because I couldn’t sleep, build a nest on the sofa and watched TV on my phone. 

Other than that, the most peculiar thing was seeing someone educated and really quite onto it invite people to a sort of party in the yard of their house, “all bubbles welcome”, under the premise that we would all have to remain at a distance, which I thought was a lovely thought, but also silly because what if you do have to go and use a bathroom, for example? I wasn’t sure whether to say something or not, but then someone else must’ve because the post disappeared. 

Let’s stay in our own space – no one wants to remain in lockdown for longer than they have to be! 

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