day 3

Rejoice: Last night I finally beat that Final Fantasy XIV boss fight that made me rage quit the game last time! It’s the little things that matter, and with FF games, especially online, I’m a bit of a proud person, seeing that I used to be a top Red mage to be reckoned with in FFXI back in the day, which is sort of a sad admission – I did spend a lot of time on there… 

Overall I must say that I’m very relaxed. I’ver very much curbed my coffee consumption, and sleep very well during the night – I don’t even have to set my alarm bell to wake up bright and early, which is nice!

The new compost bin arrived today after I decided It’s a bit bullshit to have a garden but no compost, but with rats around I really wanted one they can’t easily get into. Assembly is done – I let Wade do it because I’m nice. Usually I like assembling stuff and will do it myself even if it’s hard because I love the 3D puzzle feel and pride of a finished assemblage, but he needed cheering up. Placement happening tomorrow.

Highlight of the day was a comfort brioche that Countdown delivered on my request. It was huge, and bad on so many levels but it was full of chocolate and custard and the suffering will be real, says my IBS. NEVERMIND! Sometimes ya just gotta suffer…

Dinner was sort of a leftover nacho thing. Pretty good, with more veggies than anything. After dinner we had too much red wine and great conversation time. Being alone here with Wade is a good reminder that I’m with a sweet sweet man.

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