Doing merch for both Mclusky and Cavetown at the Tuning Fork this weekend, I feel like I totally lucked out! 

I mean, listen to this, how beautiful is that dude’s album? He’s only 21 and in this case ya gotta trust the kids – he’s extremely popular with his peers, which may not be obvious from his Bandcamp, but if you were to look him up on Spotify, you’d see what I mean. He’s got all the listens!

Mclusky are a bit more retro, hadn’t heard of them for maybe even decades? I remember them from the early 2000s, I believe. Liked them then, and can always do with some energetic post-hardcore sorta thung.

So yeehaw for some nice music ahead! Hopefully I’ll see you there, and if you’re after a t-shirt of some such, come see me on the night!

Mclusky, January 18, 2020, The Tuning Fork, Auckland – Tickets here
Cavetown (All Ages!), January 19, 2020, The Tuning Fork, Auckland – Tickets here

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