day 3

Let me tell you about my cat Marlene. When you have to stay home for a few days during daytime, her quirks become so much more apparent than during normal weeks. Let’s focus on one.: She loves for me to be outside with her.

Practically that means that she will meow, lure, entice, harass me in any way she can. She’s quite sweet about it first but if I don’t get what she’s trying to say, she will give me an occasional nip. It’s the sort of body language and urgency you would get when a very hungry cat tries to get you to feed her, but in her case, it’s her asking me to follow her outside.

She’ll be quite happy if I just sit there with her for a while and talk to her, but it’s a triumph for her when I’ll go for a walk with her. It doesn’t have to be far, but she will follow me, walk right behind me, dash from parked car to car, or climb a fence and follow me high above. 

She’s usually a very shy cat – any noise will see her running away. Years of me hysterically hissing at other cats, and yelling at the cutest doggos to keep her safe, has taught her that with me around, she’ll be fine, so she turns into this daring creature.

Random other quirks are…

  • She must guard me while I’m on the toilet, with the door open, of course.
  • I have to be in the room while she eats, and even better: rub her belly,
  • At night she wants to sleep on my bum, and if doesn’t work, she must curl up by my side like a long sausage, forcing her forehead into my hand.
  • She’s not “in my face” a lot, literally speaking, but very much around or directly on my feet, and I mustn’t move or she’ll bite! 

What quirks does your cat have?

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